This site is about spiritual emergency and the work of Emma Bragdon, PhD, an expert in the field.

  • You'll be introduced to what spiritual emergency is and  how it is often confused with mental disease, and 
  • You'll get resources to manage it within yourself or in helping a loved one.
  • You'll be given contact information for consultations with Dr. Bragdon  and a schedule of upcoming events, seminars, and presentations.

  When we act as if spirit does not exist--we can easily feel out of touch with meaning and purpose.    Acknowledging the presence of Spirit and having a spiritual practice, like meditation,  brings us calmness and peace and improves wellbeing. 

Increasingly more people are finding the Light within themselves which causes a radical shift in identity away from the Ego and body-oriented identity to the Soul and Spirit ...When that process of finding this new identity is very disorienting, it can create deep confusion.  When the discovery happens gradually without disorient-ation ... it's a spiritual awakening! Link here to learn how to manage the ups and downs that may occur.

Emma Bragdon, PhD is a teacher and consultant who was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapiest in 1988.  

She wrote the first book in the field of Spiritual Emergency:  A Sourcebook for Helping People in Spiritual Emergency in 1986, worked at the original "Spiritual Emergency Network" from 1984 to 1991, and published The Call of Spiritual Emergency in 1991.  She currently gives presentations and seminars on spiritual emergence and the crisis we call spiritual emergency.